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Four questions to ask during an MBA interview

October 31, 2016, Posted In MBA Interview

For MBA admissions interviews, most applicants usually prepare responses for questions they expect to receive from the interviewers. However, applicants often miss the fact that the questions they ask during and at the end of an interview can be equally – if not more – important. Here are four questions to ask during an MBA interview.

1. Ask the interviewer why he or she decided to become part of the respective school. This is a great opportunity to engage your interviewer and hear more about what makes the program unique or special.

2. Ask the interviewer about the school or program’s greatest asset or strength. While you’re at it, you can also ask the interview about what they feel is the school or program’s biggest weakness.

3. Ask the interviewer how he or she would describe the school. This will give you an insider perspective on how those affiliated with the program view it and what is valued most.

4. Ask the interviewer for advice. What would they recommend, if anything, that will be of further assistance or support of your application? This is a nice final question to wrap up your interview.

Asking interviewers questions makes an interview less an interrogation and more a conversation. It also can allow you to more strongly demonstrate interest in the school or program and come across as a more dynamic and interesting candidate.