Ace your MBA application interview

August 28, 2015 By Marc Zawel, Posted In MBA Interview

By now, as an MBA applicant, you have had your fair share of interviews. Be it for a job or as part of your undergraduate admissions process, you likely have experience in the art of interviewing. The MBA interview, however, can be a slightly different animal. Interviews are becoming more common in the MBA admissions […]

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5 keys to a compelling personal statement

August 28, 2015 By Aidan Sullivan, Posted In Application Essay

Step into the world of a graduate school admissions officer and what do you find? For starters, you’re tasked with reviewing hundreds of transcripts, GRE scores and a number of equally glowing resumes and letters of recommendation. These accolades, while important, are often diluted by their consistency year in and year out. For an admissions […]

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MBA programs for entrepreneurs

August 23, 2015 By Marc Zawel, Posted In MBA Admissions

Being an entrepreneur is exciting. Looking for investors, solving new problems and growing a business can be fun, rewarding and thrilling – but also stressful. You may have heard that many graduate schools have entrepreneurship courses and programs. Most business schools also offer entrepreneurship as one of their MBA specializations. Is an entrepreneurial MBA degree […]

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Q&A: Graduate school advice for international students

August 23, 2015 By Aidan Sullivan, Posted In Grad School Planning

Cecilia Yan has come a long way from her home city of Jiaozou, China. As a Marketing Associate at AcceptU, Cecilia works to support a growing number of international graduate school clients each year. With a masters degree in hand from Boston University’s School of Communication, Cecilia is no stranger to the challenges and opportunities that international […]

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How virtual admissions counseling delivers results

August 23, 2015 By Aidan Sullivan, Posted In Admissions Overview

Here at AcceptU, we use the word “virtual” to describe the way in which we connect our team of counselors to a global network of clients. For us, it’s a familiar platform on which we operate; however, for many families, adjusting to virtual counseling comes with questions. Let’s take a moment to understand why AcceptU […]

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Tuition rates for graduate school

August 17, 2015 By Aidan Sullivan, Posted In Graduate Admissions

“Location, location, location!” As the repetitiveness of the phrase suggests, investing in any location is an important financial decision – one with potentially rewarding outcomes. Considering location when applying to graduate school is no different, especially when it comes to cost. Through the lens of tuition rates at some of the top twenty graduate level […]

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Five tips for MBA letters of recommendation

August 14, 2015 By Marc Zawel, Posted In MBA Strategy

Do you remember stressfully running around to your favorite teachers in high school, begging them to write letters on your behalf to send to all of the colleges you were applying to? Well, letters of recommendation are just as important to business school admissions as they are to undergraduate admissions. What better way is there […]

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Five questions to expect from a graduate school interview

August 9, 2015 By Aidan Sullivan, Posted In Grad School Planning

Ask any student who has been interviewed to recount their experience and you are more than likely to uncover the following reaction: “If I had just known the questions I would have aced it!”  Interviews are effective because they are unpredictable. They challenge students to articulate their candidacy in person and provide an admissions committee with […]

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