How is grad school different from college?

July 3, 2015 By Marc Zawel, Posted In Grad Admissions

Graduate candidates might be embarrassed to ask, but knowing what to expect, socially, academically and culturally of a graduate degree experience is hard to pin down. Applicants usually have an undergraduate degree as their only point of reference in higher education, but are the two experiences relatable? Yes and no. Here are some of the […]

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How to define your MBA career goals

July 3, 2015 By Marc Zawel, Posted In MBA Admissions

Defining your career goals can be a daunting task. As a kid, you may have wanted to be a cowboy or firefighter. But now, your true career path is coming into view. If you are looking beyond business school, you must be prepared to talk about your career goals, in both the short- and long-term. […]

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Should I get my MBA part-time?

June 26, 2015 By Marc Zawel, Posted In MBA Academics

MBA programs are one of the most popular graduate degrees. An MBA does not only boost your skill set in business administration, but it is also an effective degree for career advancement. If you plan on pursuing an MBA, you’re likely already employed so the option of a full-time or part-time program is a question […]

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Presentation: College Planning for STEM

June 25, 2015 By Marc Zawel, Posted In College Admissions

In this presentation, led by Stephen Friedfeld, co-founder of AcceptU and former admissions officer at Cornell University and Princeton University, learn more about how you can best prepare your child interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering or mathematics) for success in the college admissions process. To download the presentation, please click here.

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Picking an MBA concentration

June 19, 2015 By Marc Zawel, Posted In MBA Admissions

Getting your MBA is a significant and important step in your career. The knowledge that you gain from your two years of study will propel you to new heights in the workplace and beyond. The first year of most MBA programs usually offers core classes, while the second year gives students an opportunity to focus […]

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Are internships important when applying to grad school?

June 15, 2015 By Marc Zawel, Posted In Grad Admissions

Graduate admissions committees are mainly interested in two factors: your academic performance (GPA, standardized test scores) and your experiences outside the classroom. When it comes to experiences outside of the classroom, admissions officers do tend to prefer applicants that have work or internship experience. Here’s why. Internships improve your communication skills.   By interacting with […]

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How to be authentic in the MBA application process

June 13, 2015 By Marc Zawel, Posted In MBA Admissions

Getting accepted to a US business school can be highly competitive. Top 25 MBA programs only accept the best of the best, and sometimes even being the best is not good enough. How do you make yourself stand out from other applicants? Here are three tips to be authentic and genuine in the MBA application […]

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How to plan for graduate school

June 13, 2015 By Marc Zawel, Posted In Grad Admissions

Are you eager to go to graduate school after finishing your undergraduate degree? If you’re hoping to enter graduate school, it is imperative to start planning early so you can attain all the experiences, skills, requirements and self-awareness necessary to be a competitive applicant. Here are five things you can be working on now to […]

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