How to get great letters of recommendation

April 21, 2014 By Marc Zawel, Posted In College Admissions

Letters of a recommendation are an important part of college applications. Letters – typically from the school counselor as well as current/past teachers, coaches, mentors or employers – assess an applicant’s character, skills and abilities. Why are letters of recommendation necessary? Letters of recommendation provide admissions officers with a fuller picture of the student – […]

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Should you take the SAT or ACT?

April 14, 2014 By Marc Zawel, Posted In College Admissions

Standardized testing can be among the most stressful parts of the college application process. When it comes to taking ACT and SAT, many students find themselves unsure of which test to take. If you have time, take the PLAN, the ACT practice test, and the PSAT, the SAT practice test, to get a feel for […]

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MBA programs for entrepreneurs

April 13, 2014 By Marc Zawel, Posted In MBA Academics

Being an entrepreneur is exciting. Looking for investors, solving new problems and growing a business can be fun, rewarding and thrilling – but also stressful. You may have heard that many graduate schools have entrepreneurship courses and programs. Most business schools also offer entrepreneurship as one of their MBA specializations. Is an entrepreneurial MBA degree […]

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MBA strategy for engineers

April 1, 2014 By Marc Zawel, Posted In MBA Admissions

In this webinar, hosted by our friends at Beat the GMAT, Marc Zawel, co-founder of AcceptU, discusses strategy for engineers applying to business school. You can watch the presentation on-demand below or download it here.

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How to be authentic in the MBA application process

March 30, 2014 By Marc Zawel, Posted In MBA Admissions

Getting accepted to a US business school can be highly competitive. Top 25 MBA programs only accept the best of the best, and sometimes even being the best is not good enough. How do you make yourself stand out from other applicants? Here are three tips to be authentic and genuine in the MBA application […]

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How to create your college list

March 30, 2014 By Marc Zawel, Posted In Admissions Strategy

There are more than 2,000 four-year colleges in the United States to choose from. When starting the college admissions process, make sure that you research schools with programs that best suit you. Your initial list can be as long as you’d like, but you should keep in mind that applying to every university on your […]

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Inside the College Admissions Office

March 20, 2014 By Marc Zawel, Posted In College Admissions

What happens after you submit college applications? What are admissions officers really looking for in applicants and what can your child do to best differentiate him or herself? In this white paper, presented by Stephen Friedfeld, co-founder of AcceptU and former admissions officer at Cornell University and Princeton University, learn about how applications are reviewed, how […]

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Top 10 college admissions questions

March 9, 2014 By Stephen Friedfeld, Posted In Academics

Here at AcceptU, we receive a lot of questions about the college admissions process from high school students and their parents. Below, we have compiled ten of the most frequently asked questions – as well as answers from our team of former college admissions officers. 1. How far ahead of time should a student begin […]

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