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Infographic: College towns to call home

June 3, 2016

Infographic: Ivy League early decision results

February 29, 2016

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How a MSF is different from an MBA

February 6, 2017, Posted In MBA School List

For thousands of students each year, the decision to pursue a post-secondary degree in finance or business can be a difficult choice to navigate. Two of the more prominent degrees, an MS in finance and an MBA, are often seen as being one in the same. In reality, the two programs vary widely in the […]

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How to define a liberal arts college

February 6, 2017, Posted In College List

For families in the midst of the college planning process, the term “liberal arts college” (LAC) is often used to describe a certain grouping of schools. While the term may sound straightforward, it can sometimes be misconstrued. To help, here are five defining characteristics of a liberal arts college experience: Setting. LACs are often distinguished […]

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Summer activity planning: part II

January 30, 2017, Posted In Summer Activities

If you missed Part 1 from last week, please click here. Thinking about extracurricular involvement and summer activity planning for your son or daughter? To help, we’ve pulled six unique programs from our Extracurricular Activities & Leadership Development guide. Check them out! Community Service The Road Less Traveled Community service programs abroad with a focus on […]

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