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Infographic: College towns to call home

June 3, 2016

Infographic: Ivy League early decision results

February 29, 2016

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Four questions to ask during an MBA interview

October 31, 2016, Posted In MBA Interview

For MBA admissions interviews, most applicants usually prepare responses for questions they expect to receive from the interviewers. However, applicants often miss the fact that the questions they ask during and at the end of an interview can be equally – if not more – important. Here are four questions to ask during an MBA […]

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Why colleges and universities want “active” students

October 24, 2016, Posted In Admissions Strategy

College admissions can be daunting for high school students – competitive colleges consider strong academics, compelling essays, a flawless interview, glowing letters of recommendation and high scores on standardized tests. With all of these factors, why do colleges also stress that they seek students who have extracurricular involvement and leadership? Consider the following: Colleges are […]

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How an MS in finance is different from an MBA

October 17, 2016, Posted In Grad School Planning

For thousands of students each year, the decision to pursue a post-secondary degree in finance or business can be a difficult choice to navigate. Two of the more prominent degrees, an MS in finance and an MBA, are often seen as being one in the same. In reality, the two programs vary widely in the […]

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Differences between Early Decision & Early Action

October 14, 2016, Posted In Applying Early

Early Decision (ED) and Early Action (EA) plans are designed for students who have carefully narrowed down a list of colleges and understand the advantages (and potential risks) of applying early. Here are the primary differences to be aware of between both rounds: Early Decision (ED) is the earliest round in which a student can apply. Applications […]

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Three tips for the GMAT quantitative section

October 3, 2016, Posted In GMAT

The GMAT is split into four parts – writing, verbal, quantitative and integrated reasoning. Practice makes perfect on this standardized test, so chugging away at practice tests is a must. If you find that your math skills aren’t quite at the level that they used to be, three simple tips can be used to maximize […]

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