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Top Engineering Programs at Small Colleges

July 19, 2018, Posted In Academics

Interested in studying engineering, but also see yourself in a smaller (fewer than 5,000 students) campus community with an undergraduate focus? Yes, that exists! Liberal arts colleges with engineering and engineering-focused colleges offer hands-on experiences, small class sizes, undergraduate research opportunities and close faculty interaction. Additional possibilities include the U.S. Military, Air Force and Naval … Continue reading Top Engineering Programs at Small Colleges

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Degree options for undergraduate engineers

November 16, 2016, Posted In Academics

An undergraduate degree in engineering provides students with vocational specialization, career preparation and a likely positive salary outlook. This specialization of skills is most reflective in the degree options available in undergraduate engineering departments. Large universities typically offer 10 to 20 different programs for students, each with its own unique curriculum, requirements and faculty. There are dozens of different … Continue reading Degree options for undergraduate engineers

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Weighted vs. unweighted GPA

October 2, 2016, Posted In Academics

Parents and students often wonder whether weighted or unweighted GPA will be submitted as part of the application, and which is given preference by an admissions committee. First, it’s important to note that the use of weighted vs. unweighted GPA is at the discretion of your child’s high school. As such, students do not choose between one or … Continue reading Weighted vs. unweighted GPA

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