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College planning for rising juniors

February 20, 2017, Posted In Admissions Strategy

As a freshman in high school, you were excited to be at a new school with new responsibilities, teachers, classes and sports. As a sophomore, you grew, studied hard and enhanced your skills in athletics, community service and classwork. Now you are a junior, and the idea of life at college has crept into your […]

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Why colleges and universities want “active” students

October 24, 2016, Posted In Admissions Strategy

College admissions can be daunting for high school students – competitive colleges consider strong academics, compelling essays, a flawless interview, glowing letters of recommendation and high scores on standardized tests. With all of these factors, why do colleges also stress that they seek students who have extracurricular involvement and leadership? Consider the following: Colleges are […]

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User beware! Five social media tips for college applicants

January 21, 2016, Posted In Admissions Strategy

It was recently reported that, in a survey of college admissions officers, 40% of respondents admit that they check applicants’ social media profiles during the decision-making process, and approximately one in three admissions officers search online to find out more information on applicants. What are admissions officers trying to determine about applicants? Perhaps they want […]

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