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Applying Early

Important next steps after applying Early Decision (ED)

October 31, 2016, Posted In Applying Early

November marks an important date on the college admissions calendar. With the majority of Early Decision (ED) applications wrapping up by November 15, thousands of college-bound seniors will take a collective sigh of relief in knowing that their first (and hopefully last) wave of applications are in the books! While we encourage students to take a short break […]

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Differences between Early Decision & Early Action

October 14, 2016, Posted In Applying Early

Early Decision (ED) and Early Action (EA) plans are designed for students who have carefully narrowed down a list of colleges and understand the advantages (and potential risks) of applying early. Here are the primary differences to be aware of between both rounds: Early Decision (ED) is the earliest round in which a student can apply. Applications […]

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Pros and cons of applying early decision

April 10, 2015, Posted In Applying Early

For students beginning to think about college admissions, there is a lot of work to be done, from visiting and researching schools to taking standardized tests and building a strong admissions portfolio. Another consideration is whether to apply Early Decision. First, what is Early Decision? Early Decision is a binding contract with a chosen school, […]

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Top 10 college admissions questions

March 9, 2014, Posted In Academics

Here at AcceptU, we receive a lot of questions about the college admissions process from high school students and their parents. Below, we have compiled ten of the most frequently asked questions – as well as answers from our team of former college admissions officers. 1. How far ahead of time should a student begin […]

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