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Differentiating Yourself

The importance of demonstrated interest

May 22, 2017, Posted In Differentiating Yourself

In 1990, just 9% of graduating high school seniors were applying to 7 or more colleges. By 2011, that number had shot up to 29% (data from NACAC). With increased marketing and recruitment efforts, the growing popularity and accessibility of the Common Application and a more competitive process overall, the trend should come as no surprise. All good, right? That depends on who … Continue reading The importance of demonstrated interest

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Tips for answering Stanford’s supplemental essay questions

July 22, 2016, Posted In Common Application

Supplemental essay questions help an admissions officer uncover the voice, personality and identity of an applicant through writing. Each short essay presents the unique challenge of delivering a concise response to questions that appear to warrant long-winded answers. Here are some quick tips to help jog your own brainstorm: Short responses: Name your favorite books, authors, films, … Continue reading Tips for answering Stanford’s supplemental essay questions

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Evaluating student characteristics

December 10, 2015, Posted In College Admissions

According to the National Association for College Admission Counseling’s (NACAC) 2013 “Admissions Trends Survey” there are seven prominent student characteristics that are most highly valued by admission offices across the U.S. While the evaluation process is different for each school, this will help you and your child better understand which factors within a student’s profile … Continue reading Evaluating student characteristics

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What should I know about extracurricular activities?

January 30, 2015, Posted In Activity Involvement

All parents and students know the importance of extracurricular activities in college admissions. However, with all the talk about extracurricular activities, it’s hard to determine what’s fact and what’s fiction. What are admissions officers really looking for in extracurricular activities? How can you guide your child to appropriately select the best types of activities? We’ve … Continue reading What should I know about extracurricular activities?

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Why universities want “active” students

September 21, 2014, Posted In Activity Involvement

College admissions can be daunting for high school students – competitive colleges consider strong academics, compelling essays, a flawless interview, glowing letters of recommendation and high scores on standardized tests. With all of these factors, why do colleges also stress that they seek students who have extracurricular involvement and leadership? Consider the following: Colleges are … Continue reading Why universities want “active” students

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