Provide your child with personalized support in the college process

All-inclusive support


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Unlimited support on all topics covered in the Comprehensive plan – as well as access to AcceptU’s most senior and experienced counselors. Includes unlimited support on all aspects of the process. Only available to those clients applying in the upcoming admissions cycle.

Our most popular plan


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Full support on all aspects of the admissions process, including pre-application planning (academic advising, extracurricular & summer activity planning, standardized test strategy, college visits), college list, application strategy, essay topic selection, brainstorming and editing, letters of recommendation, activities list/résumé, final application review, interview preparation and decision support. Includes up to 20 hours of phone/video counseling, email support and/or essay editing.

Best for specialized support


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For more specialized support in the admissions process on any topic(s) covered in the Comprehensive plan – or those looking to start with a smaller plan commitment. Includes up to 10 hours of phone/video counseling, email support and/or essay editing.

How it Works

Step 1

Consultation & Match

Schedule an initial consultation

All prospective clients are invited to schedule a complimentary 30-minute phone or video consultation. The goal of this conversation is two-fold: to provide you with advice on what you can be working on now – and for us to learn more about you, to better match you with your AcceptU counselor.

Step 2

Getting Started

Figure out a plan of action

After selecting your counseling plan, your AcceptU counselor will schedule an introductory session and discuss a plan of action tailored to your needs, where you are in the admissions process and those areas where AcceptU can have the greatest impact.

Step 3


Discuss pre-application planning

Your AcceptU counselor will advise you on your curriculum, academic interests, extracurricular and summer activity planning, standardized test strategy and college visits. Your counselor will also help you develop a balanced college list and formulate an application strategy.

Step 4

Essay and Application

Write essays & complete application materials

Your AcceptU counselor will help you select appropriate essay prompts, brainstorm topics and ensure that every essay is polished. Your counselor will also assist you with selecting recommendation letter writers and developing and prioritizing your extracurricular activities list.

Step 5


Submit and get accepted

Your AcceptU counselor will complete a final application review and prepare you for any interviews. Then, once the decisions are released, your counselor will help guide you to the best option for you, considering any scholarships as well as the best fit for your academic interests.

Your Counselor

All AcceptU counselors are former admissions officers from highly selective colleges

You will be matched with a counselor based on your schools of interest, academic focus, personality as well as counselor availability. We have nearly 60 counselors on our team, allowing us to find just the right fit for our students. Below, meet just a few.

Chase has admissions experience at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University of Chicago.
Roberto has admissions experience at Harvard University and Princeton University.
Snehal has more than a decade of experience in admissions, including at Emory University.
Linda has admissions experience - focusing in health sciences - at University of Pennsylvania.

Success Stories

AcceptU counselors have helped thousands of students get accepted to 300 colleges and universities, including all of the top 100 in various rankings. Here are a few of their stories.


My daughter’s AcceptU counselor was terrific. My husband and I applied to college 25 years ago, and we both attended very good schools but I doubt we could get in today! We didn’t know the first thing about college admissions, given how competitive it’s gotten.

Our daughter was only looking at top schools. Our AcceptU counselor was able to provide guidance on great schools that could also be “safety” schools for her. We had lots of questions and AcceptU always answered our emails in a very thoughtful, professional and helpful way.

We were thrilled with the results. Our daughter was admitted to five top colleges and even received merit-based scholarships at a couple. We spoke with an AcceptU financial aid expert in the fall of her senior year as well as in April to help us figure out where she should enroll.

The process, if you can believe it, was really great. It was initially stressful for me and my husband but our AcceptU counselor always had the right answers to our questions and provided sound advice. We have recommended AcceptU to three other family friends now and they’ve all had similarly positive experiences. It was a great investment in our daughter’s future.


The AcceptU counselor guided our daughter through every stage of the opaque and complex process of college admissions.

AcceptU helped her develop a realistic portfolio of colleges and ensured that she adhered to application deadlines. The AcceptU counselor was meticulous in reviewing essays, suggesting changes and rehearsing interviews over Skype.

AcceptU provided an objective and informed opinion of the statistical odds of admission and the counselor, as a former admissions director, provided us with a view from the other side of the table and gave realistic qualitative feedback.

A student who works with AcceptU is at a distinct advantage over the one who does not.

Getting started is easy! You can sign up online or contact our office by phone

Once you have enrolled, we’ll ask you to complete our new client questionnaire and sign our client agreement. After this has been returned us, your assigned counselor will contact you within two business days to set up an introductory phone or video session.

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