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Summer programs that will help with college admissions

May 7, 2012, Posted In Extracurricular Activities

Enrolling in summer programs can be very beneficial to high school students in a number of different ways, especially when it comes to college admissions.

Prospective college students should consider participating in summer college programs that will enhance their knowledge in a subject area, or provide an introduction to a new area of study. (Most high schools, for example, do not offer anthropology, linguistics or architecture.) While it’s true that most students need a break from academics, keeping young minds engaged is incredibly important, not to mention that students who have had too much time off from school can show decreased levels of motivation.

Aside from summer college courses, other summer programs may include outings and events that help students develop their social skills, self-confidence and leadership, and ultimately define their overall personality and major interests. By participating in a summer program, applicants can demonstrate to admissions officers their sincerity and a certain level of seriousness and involvement. Admissions officers look for these qualities in applications – and students with them can differentiate themselves from others with similar grades and test scores.

For the musicians, dancers and singers, performing arts summer programs can enhance skills or give high school students audition material. Further, for service-oriented students, engaging in a summer volunteer program can look good. Finally, students who are interested in languages should consider studying in an immersion program. (It’s impressive to be bilingual – and to show ambition and independence by visiting a foreign country.)

Regardless of the activity, students should look to differentiate themselves from other applicants and give admissions officer insight into their personalities and academic interests.