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Questions you should be asking about graduate school

October 12, 2018, Posted In Grad School Planning

Whether at a graduate school fair or during an on-campus visit, it’s important to take advantage of the opportunity to talk with an admissions officer. Moreover, there are certain questions that all prospective applicants should be asking:

  1. Do you evaluate how a student’s skills and interests will align with potential research efforts of faculty?
  2. Within this program, is there a particular area of specialization that is strongest?
  3. What does a typical financial aid profile look like for accepted students? How much debt does an average student take on?
  4. How much overlap and communication is there between my program and the career services office? Do alumni play an active role?
  5. Is housing readily available in and around campus? What is the cost of living?
  6. What is the student to professor ratio?
  7. Are there internship requirements within this program?

Asking questions early on in the process can make a big difference. Be proactive in discussing each of these questions with admissions officers you meet and don’t forget to stay in touch, if possible. You never know who will end up reading your application.

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