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Gaining the Skills and Experiences You Need to Succeed

January 2, 2020, Posted In Activity Involvement

There is considerable pressure on current middle- and high-school students to choose what career path they want to pursue, years before they are required to select a college or a major. While this is not necessarily fair, many students feel they must decide their collegiate trajectory as early as possible in order to be competitive in their chosen field. Envision offers programs for these students as well as those who are not yet certain what profession they want to pursue.

Students in third grade through college can participate in Envision experiences that will benefit their development academically, emotionally, and socially, with programs focusing on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), leadership and innovation, and numerous career fields like medicine, law, business, national security, aerospace and aviation, gaming, culinary, and others. Envision programs help scholars (which is what students who are nominated to, selected for, or accepted into a program are called) gain or improve upon the skills that will help them succeed in the classroom, the workforce, and everyday life, such as problem solving, effective communication, and cultural sensitivity.

Scholars also take home genuine hands-on experience that can help them in deciding whether a potential profession is for them or when explaining why they are an ideal candidate for an academic program in their chosen field or a college. So, whether or not you feel certain about the career path you want to follow, visit the Envision website to learn more about the variety of programs offered.