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Test-Drive Your Future in Medicine Before College

January 31, 2020, Posted In Activity Involvement

The medical field is well-known for being competitive. If you are interested in medicine and want to explore the field before you head to college, Envision offers three summer programs that can help guide you toward your future career. Participating in any of these programs is a great method for deciding if medicine is the right path for you, so you can start your undergraduate education knowing that you are pursuing the correct major.

NYLF Medicine provides high school students with a comprehensive introduction to the world of medicine, featuring clinical training, lectures and keynotes by medical professionals, guidance from current medical students, and visits to medical simulation centers.

At NYLF Advanced Medicine & Health Care, you will prepare yourself for a specialty in medicine by learning and practicing advanced medical techniques, participating in a virtual reality simulation that replicates an operating room environment, and much more. 

Test your skills at Advanced Emergency Medicine, in collaboration with Stanford Medicine, by immersing yourself in the high-pressure environment of a hospital’s emergency medicine department. You’ll face a range of hands-on challenges, from learning basic life support to examining dissected human cadavers.

Envision medicine programs provide you with practical experiences that can help you forge your path after high school. Showcasing your newfound knowledge of the medical field in your college application essays will exhibit what you’ve learned on the subject as well as how prepared you are to put that knowledge into action as a student. Additionally, conquering challenges like those you’ll encounter at the programs while you’re still in high school demonstrates your commitment to both your education and a future in medicine. Take the opportunity to step into the shoes of a medical student and get a head start on turning your dream career into a reality by visiting envisionexperience.com.