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Experience the law from all sides this summer

February 21, 2020, Posted In Activity Involvement

Becoming a lawyer requires extensive education and dedication. If the legal profession appeals to you, Envision offers two law programs for students interested in this highly competitive field. Getting legal exposure early on can help you narrow your professional interests, which will certainly benefit you in the future.

At The National Youth Leadership Forum (NYLF): Law & CSI you will focus on either law or crime scene investigation, as you examine evidence and prepare for trial. Following the legal curriculum, you’ll learn how to craft an argument and build a strong case as well as the importance of precedence in Supreme Court cases. The CSI curriculum will show you the methods and tools used to assemble a case based on the collected evidence. Through a culminating mock trial simulation, you’ll be able to see all the roles involved in a case from the initial crime scene investigation to the trial verdict being read.

Intensive Law & Trial, in collaboration with Stanford Law School explores the theory and practice of law. You’ll hear from Stanford Law School professors and legal experts on various subjects, then practice crafting your own legal arguments, including the opening and closing statements of a case. In a simulation endorsed by the American Mock Trial Association and held in an actual courthouse, you’ll argue a case using the knowledge you’ve accumulated throughout the program.

Whether or not you’re certain you want to become a lawyer, Envision law programs hone your leadership, collaboration, and communication skills while providing you with the critical thinking strategies to succeed in any career. In fact, diving into the legal profession now can help you determine if studying law is the right decision for you before you’ve even graduated from high school. To learn more about these programs, visit envisionexperience.com.