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Villanova supplemental essays 2020

August 28, 2020, Posted In Supplemental essays

If you are applying to Villanova University, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out how to best answer this year’s Villanova supplemental essays.

Clearly indicate which selection you choose at the top of your essay. Please respond in about 250 words.

  1. What is the truest thing that you know? How did you come to this conclusion?

Admissions officers know from your résumé, letters of recommendation and transcripts that you have many strengths, but they’re also interested in learning more about your philosophical side. Who has influenced you? Was a particular community there for you? What important lessons have you learned from them? More importantly, what did you learn about yourself, others and your community from the lesson you learned? How did you change as a result of this lesson? How will it affect the Villanova community?

  1. Villanovans are known for “holding doors open” because inclusion is at the core of who we are. Take us on a journey through your background and describe how your life experience has shaped your understanding of the word “inclusion”.

This question allows you to describe your identity in terms of diversity and upbringing. How and why are you different from your peers? What do you admire about yourself for being different? And what have you learned as a result? You should connect these answers to your future goals and aspirations at Villanova. After all, college allows you to interact and learn with people from all sorts of backgrounds and upbringings.

  1. Generation Z is arguably the most technologically savvy cohort in history. They find answers to questions, discover troves of new music, or even start the next global social movement, all within seconds. How has this seemingly limitless connectivity influenced the person you have become?

Although many advisors might suggest that you avoid matters related to social media or video games, this is the place where you can expound upon the influence these technologies have had on you. Has your love of video games translated into a passion for computer science? Is your involvement with Twitter encouraging you to get involved in politics? There are many ways that the technology that you interact with on an hourly basis influences your personality and passions – try to focus on the biggest influence and answer this question from there.

  1. In St. Augustine’s book Confessions, one of the themes is the idea of redemption and second chances. Tell us a story about second chances. It can be your experience or one that you have come across through others or through media.

Villanova is asking you to reflect on a mistake, failure or misunderstanding you experienced or witnessed. Describe the scenario clearly and articulately. Then, expand upon how you (or the other person) redeemed yourself. How did you use this opportunity as a second chance? An opportunity to make things right? 

No matter the change you choose to write about, it’s important for the admissions committee to learn (perhaps) when and why you made this choice for change; what effects you have noticed about yourself; and what effects the change has had on others around you.

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