AcceptU’s proprietary admissions counseling framework (the 5 Cs) has been developed over the past decade and is continually refined based on data-driven analysis and industry best practices.

  • Curriculum
  • Counseling
  • Client Portal
  • College Resources
  • Client Relations

When taken together, our holistic approach to admissions counseling empowers our clients with the knowledge, skills and support that we are confident will deliver a successful outcome.


At AcceptU, we do not take an ad hoc approach to admissions counseling. On the contrary, the efficacy of our program is dependent on the careful development and delivery of a guidance curriculum that is continuously refined based on the latest research, trends, insights and data that we analyze internally and solicit from past colleagues and industry contacts.


Counseling is the cornerstone of your AcceptU engagement. Highly personalized, all 1-on-1 and available when and where you need us. Your counselor will oversee your process and act as a sounding board, ensuring you have a responsive, trusted resource to make informed decisions. Counselors check in regularly and are also readily available “on-demand.”

Client Portal

Our online portal provides clients with collaboration and organizational tools in one centralized “admissions planning dashboard.” With a robust school search database, application integration, as well as document management and progress tracking, the portal ensures students stay on track – and puts a layer of quality control over the process.

College Resources

To complement counseling, we provide clients with a wealth of additional online resources. Join regularly scheduled, live webinars highlighting counselors, admissions deans and other admissions experts. Access other planning resources, like our guides on summer activity and leadership development. And remain on track with monthly tasks and to-dos. 

Client Relations

Our goal at AcceptU is to ensure that each of our clients has a truly exceptional experience with us. We regularly solicit feedback to make certain we are surpassing expectations. Each client is assigned a dedicated client relations associate and counselors check in regularly with the company’s senior leadership and founders who closely oversee their progress.