AcceptU has been of great help through the college application journey. Special thanks to our counselor whose help and guidance have been invaluable! Thank you!
Satya R
AcceptU had a wonderful approach with my daughter, and they have an extensive knowledge of colleges. Ultimately, my daughter was accepted into her dream school, and we are very grateful for all the guidance that AcceptU provided.
Jen D
My counselor has been such a wealth of knowledge and support. Their experience and perspective helped our son focus on courses, activities and leadership that were authentically aligned with his interests. We will always be thankful to AcceptU.
Linsey M
My counselor was always there to help out and was quick in giving feedback on my essays and answering my questions. She was really helpful!
Shreya D
Hayden B
Super helpful and reassuring! Allowing student voice to shine through in the best way possible
Hasita K
The counselor's personality was an outstanding match with that of our daughter, whom she mentored and inspired with great efficiency and patience throughout the whole process. Very happy with our outcomes as well! Thanks AcceptU!
Dr. K
Our counselor helped when shortlisting colleges and editing essays. She ensured that my daughter’s ideas and thoughts were unchanged. My daughter got into her ED school, and we are so grateful for all of the help of AcceptU!
Lori H
Our counselor is knowledgeable, supportive, easy to access, helpful, approachable and always had a great attitude! We have nothing but good things to say about him!
Mercedes S
My counselor helped ensure that I was very organized and that I had a game plan. When my parents had questions, she met with them to keep them in the loop about my applications.
Taara S
Thank you, AcceptU! My counselor provided invaluable guidance. She helped me identify the right mix of colleges based on my interests and guided me through the entire application process.
Sidd R
My counselor was a huge help during the admissions process. He kept me engaged and on task and I always looked forward to our meetings. My family is truly grateful for his support.
Sam C
Arnav K
My experience with AcceptU was great! I had a kind, direct and understanding mentor who provided me amazing writing advice and instilled lots of confidence in me. I got into one of my top schools! Thank you for all the help; I'm truly grateful.
Ellen L
I had a great experience with AcceptU. It helped me better prepare my materials and provided me with a better sense of the overall process in applying to graduate school.
Jason F
5 stars for my counselor: warm person, effective editor, and lovely counselor.
Annie G
I asked AcceptU if their goal was primarily to improve the process or the outcome. They said both, and I scoffed! However, I can attest that the process was definitely improved and that our student couldn't be happier with the outcome.
Judith B
AcceptU ensures that students are on top of their applications and builds a helpful plan for each step of the process.
Aidan K
AcceptU brought my graduate applications to a whole new level and I was admitted every school I applied to. AcceptU counselors are experts at getting you to where you want to be.
Avery K
My son was accepted to his first choice and is thrilled with is college plans! AcceptU takes the guesswork out of a very stressful and confusing process.
Lilias L
My counselor was tremendously helpful throughout my college application process, and the essay revisions were especially useful. Thank you so much for helping me get into a great school!!
Yoonchul S
We started with AcceptU at the start of ninth grade, which allowed more time for holistic planning. It truly takes a village to support the student in the high school journey and getting ready for college. Thank you for this partnership!
Seeling C
AcceptU helped me tremendously. With my counselor's help, my applications were transformed through a brand new personal statement as well as significantly more compelling supplemental essays. He helped me get into my top choice.
Ben V
Our counselor was committed to help my daughter as she navigated the process. She made her feel her choices matter, and we got the best outcome we were hoping for. Thanks to AcceptU for hiring such a caring and knowledgeable counselor.
Shyam G
I enjoyed working with my college counselor. Her advice and guidance have been very helpful through the college process!
Our counselor was a tremendous help. Our son got into his dream school.
Miber L
Working with my counselor over the past year was always a joy. She made the college application process less stressful, and her bright personality and empathetic insight also made working on tedious applications much more enjoyable.
Peter D
My counselor helped me not only with the college application process, but also summer and school plans, extracurriculars, opportunities, internships, among many others — helping me become the student I am today.
Fiona Z
The AcceptU counselor went above and beyond my expectations. She gave him a much-needed confidence boost and he got into his top choice university. We recommend AcceptU for anyone looking for top-notch admissions counseling.
Bismi N
Our counselor offered actionable advice for my daughter throughout the application process. Her suggestions to improve my daughter's essays were also very useful. We would highly recommend AcceptU. My daughter got accepted to her top choice!
Balajee S
Our counselor is amazing. Not only does he know the college admissions process inside out, he is also incredibly patient and understanding. He connects effortlessly with students and parents. Our daughter got into her top-choice school.
Mansi S
Sunil C
Lauren P
We are very pleased with the service provided by our counselor. She has given us plenty of helpful information throughout our college application process. We were able to complete the entire process smoothly and stress free with her help.
We feel so blessed to have AcceptU. AcceptU offers many webinars that cover a lot of good information. My daughter was accepted to her top choice dream school with a scholarship! We are so happy with the result.
Kyle L
We had a nice experience with AcceptU. Our counselor was very supportive during my son's college application process. We very much appreciate her help!
Angel Z
We had a wonderful and fruitful experience working with AcceptU. Our counselor was always available and responsive, and significantly helped my son reduce his stress level.
Yang L
Very helpful throughout the college process with supplementals, questions and overall keeping you on track.
Nina C
We have worked with AcceptU twice and both times, the experience has been wonderful. His knowledge makes the college application process a lot less stressful and he delivers results. AcceptU should be your first and only choice for college guidance.
Jackson C
AcceptU was our first choice when looking for the guided, experienced assistance on the way to a college education. Dedication, attention and commitment were the traits that we have found at AcceptU.
Elena C
The AcceptU counselor was very professional and knowledgeable. With his guidance, my son’s college application process was smooth and fruitful. He was much less stressed than his peers, and was able to get into his dream school.
Sharie H
My counselor walked me through the application steps 1 by 1, giving me the perfect schools to choose from based off my academic performance. He was very quick on following up with meetings and editing essays.
Kyle W
I worked with AcceptU and my experience was great! My counselor was very helpful during the whole process and in fine-tuning my application.
Vikas S
AcceptU helped keep me on track and guided me throughout my application process. I wouldn’t have gotten in without this support.
Lancy S
I had a great time working with AcceptU.
Harika S
Our counselor was fantastic. She kept us and him calm and on track. She provided expert guidance and made this whole experience so much less stressful. Thank you, AcceptU!
Ania G.
My application was not on the level of Ivy League hopefuls, and I worried I would not be taken seriously by AcceptU as a result. However, it was the complete opposite. The guidance was curated and comprehensive, I got into every college I applied to.
Riddhima P
My daughter’s results working with AcceptU were spectacular. She was admitted to 6 out of the 8 schools she applied to, including her top choices.
Carlos M
My counselor is the best advisor I've ever had. I now know the ins and outs of the college admissions process and am grateful to be attending UW-Madison this fall. Thank you, AcceptU, for this experience.
David C
My daughter had amazing results, and we feel so lucky to have had AcceptU’s support during the stressful journey of college applications. She has been incredibly kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, and helpful all throughout the process!
My son was admitted in 80% of his college choices. He worked hard and Accept U was an important part of his process!
Maria G
We the AcceptU team the highest marks - supportive, engaging and well-informed. Our daughter was accepted ED to Northwestern. We were so impressed that we signed up our youngest daughter to work with AcceptU as well!
Suresh P
AcceptU was very helpful and effective with our son’s applications to top architecture programs. She advised our son in rounding out his essays and portfolio to maximum effect. They were also a great resource during the final decision-making process.
Aimee S
My experience with the AcceptU was incredible. The year that I spent with AcceptU was very helpful and I can't thank my counsellor enough for the efforts that he put into my application.
Mayank D
I would highly recommend AcceptU to anyone. We wanted only the best, and my son was grateful for the guidance provided to him on application process.
Manil A
My experience with AcceptU has been fantastic, all thanks to my advisor! She has been amazing at responding quickly and providing constructive feedback. I appreciate all her help with staying organized during the college application process!
Maggie W
We highly recommend AcceptU. Our counselor was kind, helpful, considerate, and offered good and practical advice. Having outside support and guidance during the college application process was so helpful to my son and our family.
Morgan S
Our counselor took the time to get to know my son and really stuck with him throughout the entire college entrance process. Her assistance was invaluable and we are tremendously grateful. He landed at an amazing school!
Krystyne B
We are super happy to have AcceptU.
Tang N
AcceptU has been a wonderful guide for my son throughout the college application journey. The counselor was always very patient and explained each and every step of the process. I could not have asked for more!
Kaunteya D
I had a wonderful experience here; the mentors were very flexible and they were a good helping hand throughout this stressful process!
Rathi M
My main issue is that I am very lazy, but AcceptU was able to help me overcome this by constantly following up with. AcceptU kept me on task!
Ayan D
AcceptU provided great resources to aid me in my college application process. Our counselor was a thoughtful and thorough counselor who helped me write great essays. Thank you, AcceptU!
Sydney W
Our counselor made all the difference for our daughter's success. What truly sets him apart is his unwavering dedication and genuine passion for his work. We will forever be grateful for the impact he has had on our daughter's future!
Seema P
AcceptU guided our son until his acceptance to an Ivy League university. They are well worth the money spent! I give AcceptU a 10/10 rating and strongly recommend AcceptU to any parent.
John S
AcceptU helped us navigate the complex college application process. The counselor was patient, efficient and detail-oriented. As a result, my son got accepted into a BS/MD program and top 30 colleges.
Ilya C
Our counselor was great to work with! She really helped our daughter with her essays and navigating the college application process.
Ramzi F
Our advisor was a pleasure to work with. He took utmost care of us and responded to our queries in a timely manner to help us in every step of the application process. Overall it has been a great experience working with AcceptU.
Naren G
AcceptU helped greatly in reviewing and editing my Common App essays!
Rachel H
I wanted to give my daughter the best advantage in applying to college in a highly competitive and crowded application environment. The counselor helped guided her through the process in ways we as parents could never have done.
Lynn R
AcceptU and our counselor were extremely helpful for my son's college admission this year. With her help, my son secured his #1 choice school. Thank you!
Xiyan Z
AcceptU provided the guidance I needed as the first in my family to go to college. AcceptU helped me with every single part of the application process. A big thank you for helping me get into my dream school!
Gabrielle M
Our AcceptU counselor provided excellent guidance and quick feedback throughout the process. She was always available when needed. Would highly recommend her and AcceptU!
Peggy G
Swati S
Our counselor was amazing! She was very patient with my son and and motivated him and kept him on track. I recommend her highly.
Rama S
My experience with AcceptU was amazing! My counselor helped me get into my top school. She was extremely supportive and helpful throughout the entire process.
Stella S
Our AcceptU counselor, was terrific throughout the college application process and demonstrated great professionalism, flexibility and responsiveness. We are thrilled with the outcome - first choice of college placement!!
My son used AcceptU admissions consulting and we were very happy. Our counselor was very accommodating and helped my son with counseling. Today, he is a happy student at Georgia Tech.
Sanjay C
AcceptU allowed my son to choose schools that could be a good fit for him – and we are thrilled to see him thriving at Arizona State University.
Cesar O
Our counselor gave my son the necessary guidance to get into one his top schools: NYU. He was very knowledgeable - we would highly recommend AcceptU!
Nicholas B
I appreciated all the essay revisions and editing. My counselor was super flexible with anything I was confused on, or if I needed a last minute edit. She was very understanding and a great mentor. I highly recommend AcceptU!
Ananya G
We are so happy we decided to work with AcceptU. Our daughter received great advice and guidance to ensure she put her best foot forward when applying to colleges. We would highly recommend AcceptU to anyone looking for a college counselor.
Noreen M.
Our experience with AcceptU has been just awesome! Our counselor helped my daughter through the admission process. He changed the chaos into harmony. She got accepted at Stanford!
Preeti S
Our counselor has been a wonderful support for my son. He helped make the admissions process as stress free as possible and supported my son to own the process and do what was right for him. AcceptU was very valuable and worth the investment.
Kully J
Our counselor is a highly experienced counselor, particularly for business students. My daughter received all admission letters prior to the holiday season. Our family learned a great deal throughout the application process.
Athena S
Extremely helpful. Made my college process a lot easier and less stressful.
Elena C.
I really liked how AcceptU edited and gave me feedback on my college essays. It was very helpful!!
Prisha P
My counselor was a great mentor that guided me through the difficulties and confusion of the entire college process.
Iñaki A
I had a very good experience with AcceptU and the team, especially with my counselor. She was very responsive and helped guide me towards a strong application. I was accepted ED to Cornell!
Jordan K
It was such a comfort that our son had AcceptU's guidance through his college exploration and application journey. She helped keep him on task and made the process feel manageable and controlled. Working with AcceptU was a very positive experience.
Suzanne K
Without any hesitation, I definitely recommend AcceptU so that your child's dream school is attainable.
Danielle M
My daughter is on her way to her top choice college - and both of us couldn’t be happier!
Lucia S
AcceptU’s guidance on the college list and strategy was unparalleled. The counselor was very knowledgeable and supportive. I highly recommend working with AcceptU for a successful outcome in the college application.
Tanay N
Our counselor was so helpful during the entire college application and admissions process. I would not have been so prepared or learned so much from the process if I had not utilized AcceptU!
Hannah Y
The counselor was always very responsive and her advice was spot on. I am certain that, without AcceptU, my son's applications would not have been as polished. He was accepted to all of his top 5 schools and received well over $400K in scholarships!
Darin J
Our counselor truly wants to get to know his students so that he can give the best advice and recommendations. Working with him made the college application process so much easier. We couldn’t have done it without his and AcceptU’s help!
Kylie B
So deeply thankful for the professional and personal advice that we - parents and student - received from AcceptU. We highly recommend AcceptU.
Maya E
My daughter worked with a counselor at AcceptU throughout senior year. This admissions season has been particularly crazy with applications setting records everywhere. When all was said and done, she got into her top choice school and is thrilled.
Mike G
My counselor provided me with the best advice and assistance in the application process. Her assistance really made the difference. I was accepted to several top tier and Ivy League schools. You can’t go wrong in hiring AcceptU.
Haley D
It has been pleasure working with AcceptU. The counselor identified what would be the best fit for my son and guided him on how to get there. He was genuinely supportive every step of the way, from the application to essays. Highly recommend!
Raja R
My counselor was very helpful in my son's college application process. We enrolled late in the process, but he was able to really get to know my son and provide guidance where it was most needed.
Laura P
The counselor was very helpful in my daughter's college application process. In this competitive environment, you really need all the help you can get! AcceptU gave us much more confidence in the application process.
Angela T
The AcceptU counselor was simply wonderful helping my daughter with her college application. Her knowledge, expertise and guidance were invaluable and far exceeded the school counselor. She gave us peace of mind throughout the entire process.
Dee B
My counselor was so amazing to work with! It was a difficult year for so many of our friends’ children. My daughter was thrilled to get into her first-choice college! Thank you, AcceptU!
Naomi W
My counselor was fantastic throughout my college application process. She expertly guided me, and I ended up with my choice of several schools along with multiple scholarships. You will not regret working with AcceptU.
Morgan D.
AcceptU provided an excellent counselor who helped my son in many different ways. He was willing to discuss anything with my son and kept us parents in the loop. He was always enthusiastic, and we are very satisfied with AcceptU.
Jan M
I highly recommend AcceptU. I was admitted to my first-choice school!
V R.
My personal experience with AcceptU was amazing and extremely easy. My advisor provided me the most assistance with my essays. She also made the whole college process much less stressful than I expected it to be!
Jim C
My AcceptU college counselor was an invaluable resource throughout my entire college process!
Tyler H
I don't think I would have been able to do this without AcceptU. The team is filled with determined, helpful and understanding people who work tirelessly with you to make your dreams come true. My counselor motivated and pushed me.
Ananya Y
My counselor's care and consideration were instrumental in getting me through each step of the application process. He learned about me as an individual, and allowed me to discover what I needed in a college, not just what I wanted.
Hayden A
My counselor provided me with tremendous help throughout the entire MBA application process. I learned a about what programs suit me best based on my experiences and goals.
Guahao S
My son ended up choosing between nine elite college options. Our counselor worked hand in hand with my son to formulate his plan, isolate target schools, write attention-grabbing essays and navigate the final decision process. Worth every penny.
Ed A
AcceptU was always very supportive, organized and effective, from essay writing to application completion. My son was admitted to the top CS colleges and awarded merit scholarships. We highly recommend AcceptU's services.
Zhijun X
We started with AcceptU in the fall of senior year, but now feel that having AcceptU for the entire HS journey would have so much more beneficial! That said, my daughter received offers from two Ivy League and many other top 20 schools.
Jignesh J
Our son had great results with his college applications. He got into his first choice! The AcceptU counselor’s insights on senior course selection and the essay brainstorming process, in our opinion, made the difference between accept and reject.
Ling D
Our counselor worked with us every step of the way, especially providing valuable input on the college essays. Our decision to hire AcceptU was the right move!
Ted C
My counselor's knowledge was crucial for my college search and application process. He provided useful insight on where to apply, helped create a strategy, kept me on top of deadlines and helped brainstorm and revise my essays.
Jack G
AcceptU's counseling really helped me in my college application process, especially regarding the college essays. I am glad to have been a part of the program.
Ainesh M
I worked with AcceptU for two years and could not have asked for a better guide through the college application process. I got into 7 of 8 colleges. I will never stop recommending AcceptU for the incredible support they provided me.
Pia H
It was great working with my counselor. She was always there to answer my questions and helped me throughout the entire process. Highly recommend working with AcceptU!
Ernesto C
My counselor was excellent in supporting my son in the application process. I would highly recommend her and AcceptU. They are very professional and experienced. I have no doubt that the service AcceptU provides is worth every penny and more.
Alexandra C
My counselor was wonderful in supporting me throughout the college application process. He took great care in understanding my background and interests, and always made time for me. In the end, with his help, I was accepted into my top school!
I had a wonderful experience with AcceptU! My counselor was very supportive and accessible. She got to know me personally, so she was able to help me with the college application process!
Lily F
AcceptU did an amazing job keeping me on task and giving me great tips for my essays. The counselor was also very easy to confide in and gave me life advice countless times! She helped me get into one of my dream schools and I'm so grateful!
Nishita T
Sparsh K
My experience at AcceptU was a very satisfying one because every time that I needed help with an email, essay or had a question, I was responded to as quickly as possible!
Arie D
I worked with AcceptU for my undergraduate application, and my counselor was a wonderful mentor. He is a very knowledgeable person. I learned a lot about applications from him, and I got into several top 20 colleges because of his help.
Vidayaratnam G
AcceptU exceeded our expectations. The assistance with strategy and exceptional editing of my daughter’s essays was, I believe, instrumental in her acceptance to two of her dream schools. Every student should work with AcceptU.
Jennifer C
AcceptU was absolutely critical in getting into my dream school: USC. Without AcceptU, the entire admissions process would have certainly been much more difficult and my applications wouldn’t have been half of what they were.
Kate C
We had a great experience with AcceptU. Our counselor provided advice on the school list, testing, applications and interviews, all with great care, service and attention to detail. Our daughter was accepted to her first choice, NYU!
Scott W
The AcceptU counselor identified excellent candidate colleges and made everything a lot less stressful. In the end, our daughter was admitted to her top choice college plus many others that she would have been equally happy to attend.
Margaret L
My counselor was extremely supportive. Our collaboration together began formally with tasks given to me for completion, but as time progressed, she became a friend. She strived for success, and I am extremely grateful for all the support I received!
Diya S
The counselor was always willing to help! The guidance provided was excellent and accurate. She was mindful about managing stress and deadlines and acted like a friend, not just a mentor. I highly recommend working with AcceptU.
Sanya S
I am so grateful for the help of AcceptU. My essays were reviewed rather quickly and I could frequently meet with my personal advisor.
Angeline D
My experience with using AcceptU was incredible. My counselor helped me immensely. She was with me every step of the way in completing my transfer applications. I was accepted into my top schools. I highly recommend AcceptU!
Mia F
I worked with AcceptU and found my counselor so helpful. He taught me invaluable lessons about writing that I find transferring into my schoolwork as well. With his help, I'm going to one of my top schools!
Sara L
Working with AcceptU has greatly helped me with applying for colleges! I highly recommend AcceptU if you would like a smooth transition into applying for colleges with fantastic instructors who support you!
Sophie L
AcceptU was quite simply indispensable. The counselor managed to inspire and reassure our daughter in equal measure. Our daughter achieved all her goals, and then some. We recommend the entire AcceptU team unconditionally and with great enthusiasm.
Jaqui L
I went through the college application process with so much less stress, worry and anxiety than I would have if I had done it alone. My writing and time management have even improved. My experience with AcceptU was awesome!
Isa N
I had a very good experience with AcceptU. I was able to get help in refining my essays for various colleges. I would strongly recommend it as it provides a lot of help with college applications.
Our counselor has been a wonderful mentor for my daughter. She gave full attention and thoughtful guidance. Her experience in admissions helped us make important decisions on selecting the right colleges and majors.
Bandhavi B
AcceptU guided me in the right direction. I absolutely recommend any high school student to take support from AcceptU - they help you understand what matters and what doesn’t.
Rohan M
I’m extremely satisfied with the results and have the opportunity to attend one of my dream schools! I can’t imagine having to navigate the process without AcceptU.
Riley M
At my public high school, the counselors have so many students to handle. My AcceptU counselor went out of his way to understand who I was and gave personalized advice.
Jason R
The guidance from AcceptU went above and beyond what I expected. The AcceptU counselor was always available to answer my questions and willing to guide and motivate me.
Maham K
I had an incredible experience working with AcceptU! The counselor went above and beyond to support me through the college process. I highly recommend AcceptU to anyone looking for unparalleled support through the college process.
Lindsey S
The AcceptU counselor was very passionate, kind and understanding. With his help, I was able to get into one of my top choices! I am the first person in my family to apply to a college in the US.
Jingchun H
The counselor’s advice and insight were invaluable in helping us navigate the admissions process in applying to top twenty colleges. We definitely feel AcceptU gave us an edge over other applicants and highly recommend it.
John Y
I had an amazing experience with AcceptU! They were super attentive and always reaching out looking for more ways to help out. I definitely recommend!
Kathy Z
The whole experience was awesome. The counselor was excellent - I recommend AcceptU for all parents.
Avik S
Working with AcceptU made my college application process smooth and organized and helped me get into my number one school!

Audrey P
AcceptU helped me plan out my college journey and gave me the resources needed to land my dream school! The help on essays and extracurriculars pushed me above my peers.
Rohan B
AcceptU was critical in helping me get into one of my top schools. Absolutely a worthy investment.

John C
AcceptU does an amazing job at being by your side the entire process.
James F
My experience with AcceptU was fantastic! They made me feel confident during such a stressful process. I 10/10 recommend AcceptU to anyone looking for real professionals.
Joel K
The AcceptU counselor was extremely understanding and helpful throughout the entire process. I highly recommend AcceptU’s services for any high school student.
Unnati P
My AcceptU counselor was amazing! I highly recommend working with AcceptU!

Laila P
The counselor recommended several colleges that weren't initially on my radar and I ended up loving one of them!! I highly recommend AcceptU - 10/10 experience.
Jordin R
Everything about the experience with AcceptU was top tier and really helped me navigate my college decision through the pandemic.
Chase S
The AcceptU counselor provided excellent strategic guidance on the college admissions process for my son. The counselor carefully critiqued drafts of the college essays which helped my son author outstanding content.
Hemant V
The counselor was extremely knowledgeable about the admissions and recruiting process. I was accepted to a top choice with a full merit scholarship on its Division I athletic team.
Anisha K
We don’t know what we don’t know and there are lots of blind spots. I am glad we chose AcceptU. Heartfelt thanks to the organization.

Raj P
I cannot recommend AcceptU enough for its MBA application services. My counselor was integral in helping me craft my story for applications to best target each individual school. She provided very insightful essay editing and interview coaching.
Bowen L
It was a great pleasure to work with AcceptU. My counselor was very responsive, and I will definitely recommend AcceptU to my relatives and friends applying to graduate programs.
Alice G
I was concerned with what type of students each graduate program was looking for, but my AcceptU counselor was very familiar with those kinds of questions.
Bruce J
AcceptU has many professional graduate admissions counselors. Their admissions experience is very helpful and helped me answer all of my questions - that's why I chose to work with AcceptU.
Chenxiang C
I got into both UCL and Duke - I'm very happy with the results!
Eric Z
I got into Berkeley with a scholarship! AcceptU is great!
Guyi A
I would like to take this chance to thank my admissions counselor, and the amazing AcceptU team, for your extraordinary support over the past year.
Huang L
My AcceptU counselor is not only equipped with professional knowledge, but more importantly, she is really supportive and dedicated. For me, she is not only my counselor, but also a lifelong mentor.
Jerry L
My AcceptU counselor was always there to help me with the nitty gritty aspects of the application and also to be a cheerleader on my side through the stresses of the process.
Jiahao L
It was such a great surprise to be admitted to Harvard! I really appreciate AcceptU's help! Choosing AcceptU was the best decision I made.
Jialin P
AcceptU helped me a lot with my personal statements and essays. These were very crucial for my graduate school applications.
Jonathan Z
I got admitted to almost all the programs that I applied to: Illinois, Columbia, NYU, Johns Hopkins and BU. As an international student, my counselor definitely helped me a lot. The entire experience was positive!
Kezhu N
I can't believe I'm choosing between offers from Stanford and Harvard! My counselor gave me a lot of confidence to apply to these competitive programs.
Min C
My AcceptU counselor not only helped me when discussing application issues, but also she supported me with her encouragement.
Nancy W
AcceptU helped me get into the Master of Engineering program at Penn, so I decided to work with them again for my MBA application. Without my counselor's guidance, I cannot imagine that I would get an offer from MIT.
Pengxuan L
I really enjoyed working with my AcceptU counselor. I was admitted to all the programs!
Shi C
I've worked with AcceptU for years. My counselors helped me with both my MS and Ph.D. applications. I'm so grateful that I was accepted by one of my top choices - a doctoral program at Georgia Tech.
Siqi F
I cannot express enough my appreciation to my fantastic AcceptU counselor for her incredibly professional guidance. She not only cared about my admission outcomes, but also about how well these programs would help me fulfill my career goal.
Yi H
I was admitted to all of my top choices: Cornell, Duke, Michigan and Boston College. I highly recommend AcceptU to everyone!
Yitong S
My counselor gave me suggestions based on her admissions experience. I could ask her any questions regarding the application preparation.
Yixin C
I really appreciate my AcceptU counselor’s dedication and whole-hearted support! Without her help and encouragement, I could not have gone this far.
Yvonne X
I got into both Columbia and NYU! AcceptU is so incredible!
Ziyan C
Without AcceptU, I wouldn’t have found my dream school. I am so happy that my parents and I chose to use AcceptU and I couldn’t have asked for a better counselor.
Alivia L
The counselor was extremely helpful! He gave my son the necessary guidance and provided the assistance my son needed, but allowed him to come to his choices independently.
Nicholas B
AcceptU has really helped us navigate the college process. AcceptU helped my family throughout the entire journey in ways we could not have imagined.
Ben L
My AcceptU counselor was absolutely great. He helped me with every step of the application process. I recommend AcceptU to anyone applying to college!
Vishwadhika R
Thank you for guiding me every step of the way. From narrowing down my school list to discussing any questions to always responding to my emails quickly, I am forever grateful.
Shira R
The counselor was super flexible; she was very understanding and a great mentor. I am happy with my experience and I recommend AcceptU highly!
Ananya G
Without my counselor's suggestions, I probably wouldn't have applied to a lot of unique and distinctive schools that accepted me. The counselor provided incredible support.
Kalyani S
I had a great experience with AcceptU. I would definitely recommend AcceptU to anyone seeking guidance in the admissions process.

Ansh V
My son and I had a great experience with AcceptU. As a parent, I wanted a subject matter expert in the college application process who could provide individualized attention and guidance.
Nora H
Working with AcceptU was the best decision I made regarding my entire college process. They completely removed any excess stress or worry. My counselor was an exceptional mentor and guide that led me to my perfect school.
Maria G
The counselor provided valuable insights and guidance throughout this process, and I think we would have had a very different outcome without AcceptU.
Paige H
The college counselors are always available, and my college counselor always replied promptly with a lot of valuable information, which helped me get into my college of choice.
Parisa A
All of the counselors at AcceptU were super thoughtful. My counselor was vital in perfecting my college essays. She made the whole journey a lot easier!
Pia J
Thank you, AcceptU, for helping me prepare my Ph.D. applications last year. The grad counselor was really professional in assisting me with school lists which best suited my interests. Now, I'm looking forward to my doctoral training.
Qiyang L
The AcceptU counselor helped keep my son on task and he got accepted to his top choice. He is currently attending MIT and as parents we are very happy to have worked with AcceptU!
Rosa P