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Updated standardized testing policies due to COVID-19

July 22, 2020

AcceptU’s Class of 2020

July 2, 2020

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Timeline for grad school

November 20, 2020, Posted In Grad School Planning

Because of COVID-19, your classes, extracurricular activities and job/research opportunities may look a little different this academic year. Have you thought about how all of this affects the way you will prepare for grad school applications? The application process will be affected in an unprecedented way. How can you use technology and virtual opportunities in … Continue reading Timeline for grad school

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Why colleges and universities want “active” students

November 19, 2020, Posted In Admissions Strategy

College admissions can be daunting for high school students – competitive colleges consider strong academics, compelling essays, a flawless interview, glowing letters of recommendation and high scores on standardized tests. With all of these factors, why do colleges also stress that they seek students who have extracurricular involvement and leadership? Consider the following: Colleges are … Continue reading Why colleges and universities want “active” students

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Weighted vs. unweighted GPA

November 13, 2020, Posted In Academics

Parents and students often wonder whether weighted or unweighted GPA will be submitted as part of the application, and which is given preference by an admissions committee. First, it’s important to note that the use of weighted vs. unweighted GPA is at the discretion of your child’s high school. As such, students do not choose between one or … Continue reading Weighted vs. unweighted GPA

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The advantages of an admissions consultant

November 6, 2020, Posted In College Admissions

When beginning the college admissions process, it’s important to work closely with your school counselor – he or she can serve as a resource for information on developing a college list, standardized tests and financial aid. However, because the ratio of students to guidance counselors can be as high as 500:1, working with just your … Continue reading The advantages of an admissions consultant

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