Embarking on the journey to graduate school is a significant decision that can shape your professional trajectory for years to come. One of the most crucial steps in this process is setting clear career goals. This foundation not only guides your choice of graduate programs, but also enhances your application, making you a more compelling candidate.

Self-reflection and research

The first step in setting career goals is self-reflection. Consider what subjects or activities ignite your passion. Reflect on your academic and professional experiences to identify areas that consistently capture your interest. Once you have a clearer sense of your interests, research various career paths that align with them. Look into industries, roles and companies where you can apply your skills and passions. Use resources like industry reports, career websites and professional networks to gather information. You can even follow industry leaders on LinkedIn!

Setting specific, measurable goals

Effective career goals should be specific and measurable. Instead of setting a vague goal such as “I want to work in finance,” aim for something more defined: “I want to become a financial analyst at a top investment firm within five years.” This clarity helps in developing a focused plan of action and makes it easier to track your progress.

Evaluating your skills and qualifications

Assess your current skills and qualifications in relation to your desired career path. Identify any gaps that need to be addressed through further education – courses or certificates – or experience – internships or full-time. This evaluation will help you determine which graduate programs can best equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills. With a clear understanding of your career goals and the skills required, you can now identify graduate programs that align with your aspirations. Look for programs that offer relevant coursework, experienced faculty, strong industry connections and opportunities for hands-on experience.

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About the author
Cecilia Yan

Cecilia earned a BA from University of Minnesota – Twin Cities and an MS from Boston University, where she focused her studies on public relations and marketing. Cecilia oversees graduate programs: business development, partnerships, marketing and counselors. She also works with China partnerships. Originally from China, Cecilia is a native Mandarin speaker.

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