As senior year continues and applications are submitted, it’s important to still visit colleges on your list. While many students will have already participated in tours and information sessions, there are additional inroads for getting an authentic view of campus life. During the fall or spring, students should explore an overnight stay with a current student. Here are some benefits to consider:

  • Attending classes. This allows students to experience a college classroom environment. You’ll meet professors, interact with students and get a feel for the class size and learning environment.
  • Eating in the dining hall. Dining halls are often the epicenter of campus activity. It’s a great way to assess the campus culture and student body. Try to grab breakfast, lunch and dinner if you can. Chat with your host and his or her friends about their studies and extracurricular activity on campus. Can you see yourself getting along with them?
  • Going to a club meeting. Do you act? Play a sport? Sing? Would you like to participate in college? Attending a club meeting or athletic practice is one of the best ways to decide.
  • Taking a walk around campus. Although you may have already done the official campus tour, try and get a fresh look. Walk around with your host and pretend you’re a current student. Ask as many questions as you can and try to visit the places where students spend the most time (library, student center, dining hall).

Overnight visits are typically available during the fall (pre-application) and spring (post-acceptance ). The individual college websites will have up-to-date information on overnight availability and access.

About the author
Amanda San Román

Amanda earned a BA in rhetoric from Bates College, where she was a Senior Admissions Fellow, responsible for interviewing applicants and leading information sessions. She continues to conduct alumni interviews both in-person and virtually. Amanda manages communication and partnership efforts for AcceptU by facilitating webinars, events, email marketing and technology management.

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