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Supplemental essay advice 2019-2020

August 30, 2019

Infographic: Ivy League early decision results

February 29, 2016

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How to stand out on your college applications

April 19, 2019, Posted In Admissions Strategy

I regularly get questions from families asking “what should my daughter/son do to stand out in the admission process?” While I’d love to give an answer like “75 hours of community service, become captain of a team and vice president of your class,” admissions just doesn’t work like that. Instead, when working with students, I … Continue reading How to stand out on your college applications

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What are extracurricular activities for?

April 16, 2019, Posted In Activity Involvement

Sophomores and juniors in high school have so much to do. You’re reading, writing, problem-solving, creating, collaborating and practicing, all while you’re spending time with friends and family and trying to figure out what you care about most. When you start thinking about applying to college, you may wonder about the role activities play in … Continue reading What are extracurricular activities for?

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