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Supplemental essay advice 2018-2019

August 15, 2018

Infographic: Ivy League early decision results

February 29, 2016

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Get started in the college admissions process

January 4, 2011, Posted In College Admissions

It’s 2011. Do you know where your child is in the college admissions process? Seniors’ college applications have been sent out. For younger students, January marks a new opportunity to get prepared for college! It sounds obvious but it’s worth repeating: By the time your child becomes a senior, he or she cannot undo – … Continue reading Get started in the college admissions process

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Get active in high school!

December 14, 2010, Posted In Activity Involvement

As seniors wrap up their applications this month, younger students – freshmen, sophomores, and juniors – should look to the future and ask themselves a few questions: What will college admissions officers think about my application? How will I be viewed in their eyes? College admissions is a holistic process. When evaluating your application, admissions … Continue reading Get active in high school!

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Why planning early for college leads to success

November 9, 2010, Posted In College Admissions

The hype this time of year seems to center around high school seniors – and why wouldn’t it? Some seniors have already submitted their applications – and some have even heard back from colleges. Others wait… and wait… and wait… until mid-December, for early decision and early action responses, and others wait even longer, and … Continue reading Why planning early for college leads to success

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