Even though the new year just began, now is the time to start planning your summer activities. Admissions officers like to see that students have done something with their summers – whether it’s going to camp, working at an ice cream shop or attending an academic program or internship – anything is better than nothing.

If you need extra encouragement, know that summer activities count as extracurricular activities on your college application just like any other activities you do during the academic year.

Learn more about extracurricular activities here.

Below, you’ll find a few STEM-related summer internships, research opportunities and other similar activities:

Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program – Location: Bethesda, MD – Period: mid-June to mid-August – Application deadline: February 16

Broad Summer Scholars Program – Location: Cambridge, MA – Period: late-June to early-August – Application deadline: January 24

Eugene and Ruth Roberts Summer Student Academy – Location: Duarte, CA – Period: mid-June to mid-August – Application deadline: March 9

Aspiring Scientists Summer Internship Program – Location: Fairfax, VA – Period: mid-June to early-August – Application deadline: February 2

Maine Space Grant Consortium– Location: Augusta, ME – Period: 6 weeks out of the summer – Application deadline: January 15

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