When beginning the college admissions process, it’s important to work closely with your school counselor – they can serve as a resource for information on developing a college list, standardized tests and financial aid.

However, because the ratio of students to guidance counselors can be as high as 500:1, working with just your school counselor is not enough. Since a school counselor’s role also includes helping students with behavioral problems, mental health issues and administrative work, it’s simply not possible for the counselors to dedicate 100% of their time and effort into assisting students with college admissions.

That’s where AcceptU can step in. While there are many reasons that one might hire a personal college admissions consultant, we’ve found these to be the most common:

Challenge: “I’m too busy to help my child” or “My child won’t listen to me”
Solution: Let AcceptU step in and take the stress out of college admissions. We will take responsibility for driving the process, setting deadlines and ensuring you and your child stay on track and achieve success.

Challenge: “We aren’t familiar with the college admissions process today”
Solution: Whether you were educated outside the US and/or attended college several decades ago, applying to universities today is an increasingly complex and competitive process. AcceptU is a trusted, reliable guide to your family.

Challenge: “My child is aiming to attend an Ivy League or Ivy-peer university”
Solution: The acceptance rate at the nation’s most selective universities has plummeted over the last 5 years. Our counselors, many of whom are former Ivy League admissions officers, are in the best position to provide an advantage.

Challenge: “We have a unique situation with our child’s college search”
Solution: AcceptU has you covered. Our counselors have experience working with a variety of unique situations, from athletic recruitment and artistic portfolios to IEPs, leaves of absence, home schooling and transfers.

Attending the right college is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make – an admissions consultant will ensure it’s the right one.

About the author
Amanda San Román

Amanda earned a BA in rhetoric from Bates College, where she was a Senior Admissions Fellow, responsible for interviewing applicants and leading information sessions. She continues to conduct alumni interviews both in-person and virtually. Amanda manages communication and partnership efforts for AcceptU by facilitating webinars, events, email marketing and technology management.

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