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Top Engineering Programs at Small Colleges

July 19, 2018, Posted In Academics

Interested in studying engineering, but also see yourself in a smaller (fewer than 5,000 students) campus community with an undergraduate focus? Yes, that exists! Liberal arts colleges with engineering and engineering-focused colleges offer hands-on experiences, small class sizes, undergraduate research opportunities and close faculty interaction. Additional possibilities include the U.S. Military, Air Force and Naval … Continue reading Top Engineering Programs at Small Colleges

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“Green” Campuses

June 29, 2018, Posted In College List

Summer is the perfect time to start thinking about your college list, but with more than 2,000 four-year options in the United States, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Factors such as your academic interests, campus setting and size of the student body are a great place to start when narrowing down your list. However, there … Continue reading “Green” Campuses

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How to define a liberal arts college

February 6, 2017, Posted In College List

For families in the midst of the college planning process, the term “liberal arts college” (LAC) is often used to describe a certain grouping of schools. While the term may sound straightforward, it can sometimes be misconstrued. To help, here are five defining characteristics of a liberal arts college experience: Setting. LACs are often distinguished … Continue reading How to define a liberal arts college

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