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When to take the GRE

June 21, 2019, Posted In GRE

After much deliberation, you have decided that you want to go to graduate school. Now you have questions about timing, essays, letters of recommendation and standardized testing. Start your preparation by conquering the first major hurdle, the GRE. The good news is that your scores are valid for five years. This means that you can … Continue reading When to take the GRE

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Infographic: Your GRE questions explained

August 8, 2016, Posted In GRE

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE General Test) is the most widely accepted standardized test for students pursuing their post-baccalaureate education. Find out what to expect, how to prepare and how your score stacks up against the competition!  

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How is the GRE exam scored?

February 7, 2016, Posted In GRE

For the majority of grad school applicants in the U.S., computer-based scoring will be responsible for calculating your final score on the GRE. Wondering how each section will be scored? Let’s find out: Scoring on the verbal and quantitative reasoning sections are “section level adaptive.” As a result, the computer adapts the questions you are … Continue reading How is the GRE exam scored?

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Analyzing sections of the GRE

July 17, 2015, Posted In Grad School Planning

The GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) is one of the most important criteria evaluated by graduate school admissions officers. Here is what to expect from the exam. Think of the GRE as basically the SAT adapted for post-collegiate students. It consists of three sections covering verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing. In the first section, … Continue reading Analyzing sections of the GRE

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Taking the GMAT vs the GRE

July 9, 2012, Posted In GMAT

Having trouble obtaining the score you’re targeting on the GMAT? You’re not alone. The GMAT can be a painstaking standardized test – even more so following the addition of a new section in June. While the GMAT remains the norm for MBA applicants, there now over 800 programs that accept the Graduate Record Exam, or … Continue reading Taking the GMAT vs the GRE

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