College Programs

As the name suggests, the Comprehensive plan is appropriate for families seeking full support through the entire admissions process. Meanwhile, the Starter plan is better suited for those looking for more specialized assistance – or those wanting to start with a smaller commitment.

Essays are an extremely important component of the application. AcceptU counselors help you select the right question(s), brainstorm appropriate topic(s) and edit essays to highlight your accomplishments while maintaining your voice. Counselors provide feedback on grammar, spelling, tone, message and content.

If you exhaust your counseling hours, you can purchase individual hours as needed, or purchase another prepaid plan. AcceptU will help you determine the best plan if you need to purchase additional counseling.

Yes. Questions can be emailed directly to your counselor; time spent by your counselor answering emails will be counted toward your total counseling hours. Scheduling and non-substantive emails will not be deducted from your total number of hours.

Typical topics include pre-application planning (academic advising, extracurricular & summer activity planning, standardized test strategy, college visits), college list, application strategy, essay topic selection, brainstorming and editing, letters of recommendation, activities list/résumé, final application review, interview preparation and decision support.

All AcceptU clients receive access to our online application management tool. This will keep you on track with deadlines, facilitate communication with your counselor and keep all parties on the same page with regard to “to dos” and next steps.