Counseling Logistics

Counseling is conducted by telephone, video (Skype, FaceTime, WeChat, Google Hangout) and email.

Counselor availability varies – but most counselors are available between 9 am and 9 pm, Monday through Friday. Counselors also have some availability on weekends. Ideally, your counselor and you will find a mutually agreeable time that works best for your schedule. Many counselors will request to set up a recurring weekly session to help you stay on track.

You can schedule your counseling sessions by contacting your counselor directly.

Time spent by your counselor editing essays will be counted against your total counseling hours. Counselors use Microsoft Word’s track changes function which incorporates a time stamp. A good rule of thumb is to estimate 30 – 90 minutes per essay (this includes the initial review as well as subsequent reviews).

Essays will be returned to you within five days. Almost always the essay turnaround time is faster – on the order of one to three days – but during very busy times of year, including September through November, the turnaround may be longer. It is always best to start early so that your essays are drafted far ahead of deadlines.