Trusted by thousands of clients, AcceptU is the #1 rated graduate admissions consulting group.

Our team of former graduate admissions officers provides 1-on-1 guidance and support that enables students to realize their full potential.

Whether planning ahead to build your profile or navigating the formal steps of the admissions process, AcceptU will help you achieve success.

We consistently achieve outstanding 
results - and have the data to back it up
9 out of 10 of our past clients would "highly recommend" AcceptU to others
More than 90% of our students are admitted to one, or more, of their top three choices
AcceptU students have earned tuition scholarships of up to $40,000
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Innovative graduate counseling programs proven 
to deliver positive outcomes
Comprehensive, unlimited support
AcceptU's graduate counseling programs are all-inclusive, meaning we'll provide as much support as you need to achieve success.
Designed to maximize your full potential
With a highly structured, data-driven, holistic curriculum, our programs draw on years of past experience to deliver consistent results.
1-on-1 support from a former admissions officer
AcceptU's counselors have all reviewed, evaluated and made decisions on candidates - they know what it takes to get in today.
Benefit from a team-driven approach
Your counselor collaborates with 15+ other AcceptU former admissions officers, ensuring you always receive the most qualified expertise.
Only the best counselors, period
We hire fewer than 1% of applicants as graduate admissions counselors and they have been with us, on average, for seven years.
Trusted by thousands of past clients
We have been entrusted by thousands of students to guide them in the graduate process - and are so proud of what they have achieved with our help.
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