Ensure that you're putting your best foot forward applying to grad school

Specialized Editing Plan


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Your personal statement and CV are critical factors considered by graduate admissions officers. Our methodical and systematic approach to essay and CV development will enable you to effectively communicate your interests, highlight your accomplishments and demonstrate unique qualities in your graduate school applications.

Your counselor will lead you through an introspective brainstorming process to identify key differentiators to highlight in your written application materials. You will then work with your counselor to develop a compelling and engaging essay and CV that allow admissions officers to gain a deep understanding of your passions and goals.

This plan provides comprehensive brainstorming and editing on the Personal Statement and CV.

All-inclusive Application Support


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Our signature graduate admissions program, developed and refined over nearly a decade, has consistently been shown to deliver results. Working closely with you over junior and/or senior year(s), our counselor will cover the following topics:

• Academic interest exploration/goal setting
• Academic advising
• Extracurricular, research, internship and/or summer planning
• Standardized testing timeline/strategy
• Admissions strategy
• University program visits and admissions office outreach  
• Graduate school/program list (up to 8 programs)
• Strategies for contacting professors at prospective graduate universities/programs
• Letter of recommendation strategy
• Personal statement brainstorming & editing
• Supplemental essay brainstorming & editing
• Résumé editing
• Interview preparation
• Waitlist strategy
• Decision support

Early Planning for Grad School


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The earlier applicants begin the graduate planning process, the more likely there is to be a successful outcome. Early graduate school planning ensures you are doing what you need to be doing in advance of the process. This significantly decreases stress associated with the process while enabling you to put your best foot forward. We will proactively counsel you during freshman and sophomore year on the following topics:

• Myers-Briggs strong interest assessment
• Academic interest definition/goals setting
• Academic advising/course selection
• Graduate admissions strategy
• Extracurricular profile development
• Internship planning
• Developing research experience
• Outreach to university professors & school visits
• Standardized test strategy

How it Works

Step 1

Consultation & Match

Schedule an initial consultation

All prospective clients are invited to schedule a complimentary 30-minute phone or video consultation. The goal of this conversation is two-fold: to provide you with advice on what you can be working on now – and for us to learn more about you, to better match you with your AcceptU counselor.

Step 2

Getting Started

Figure out a plan of action

After selecting your counseling plan, your AcceptU counselor will schedule an introductory session and discuss a plan of action tailored to your needs, where you are in the admissions process and those areas where AcceptU can have the greatest impact.

Step 3


Discuss pre-application planning

Your AcceptU counselor will advise you on degree programs, standardized test strategy, communicating with professors and research opportunities. Your counselor will help you develop a balanced university list, formulate an application strategy and best position your applications.

Step 4

Essay and Application

Write essays & complete application materials

Your AcceptU counselor will ensure that your personal statement is polished. Your counselor will also assist you with the other pieces of the application, including selecting recommendation letter writers, editing and aligning your résumé and, optionally, discussing funding.

Step 5


Submit and get accepted

Your AcceptU counselor will complete a final application review and, optionally, prepare you for interviews. Then, once the decisions are released, your counselor will help guide you to the best option for you, considering factors like funding, time to degree, and fit.

Your Counselor

All AcceptU counselors are former admissions officers from top graduate schools

You will be matched with a counselor based on your schools of interest, academic focus, personality as well as counselor availability. We have nearly 60 counselors on our team, allowing us to find just the right fit for our students. Below, meet just a few.

Kristen worked in graduate engineering admissions at Stanford University.
Melissa has graduate admissions experience at Princeton University.
JoAnne has graduate admissions at Stanford Graduate School of Business.
Laura previously worked in graduate admissions at Columbia Business School.

Success Stories

AcceptU counselors have helped clients get accepted to dozens of graduate school programs, including all of the top 25 programs. Here are a few of our case studies.


Enrolled: Cornell University
Field of study: Statistics and data science/information systems

GPA: 3.52
Undergraduate: Purdue University
GRE: 319 (Q: 170, V: 149)
Acceptances: Cornell University, Johns Hopkins University, New York University
Notes from counselor: I mainly helped Joanna assess whether programs would be a good fit for her – and I worked extensively with her on essay edits.


Enrolled: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Field of study: Finance

GPA: 3.45
Undergraduate: University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
GMAT: 710
Acceptances: Massachusetts Institute of Technology ($15,000 scholarship), Johns Hopkins University, Duke University (MMS), Boston University (Mathematical Finance)
Notes from counselor: I focused on helping Sherry with her essay editing to emphasize her personality and show her strengths. I also helped prepare her for interviews.

Getting started is easy! You can sign up online or contact our office by phone

Once you have enrolled, we’ll ask you to complete our new client questionnaire and sign our client agreement. After this has been returned us, your assigned counselor will contact you within two business days to set up an introductory phone or video session.

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