About this webinar

Doing poorly in advanced classes. Participating in 15 extracurricular activities. Sending in extra letters of recommendation. These are all myths about the college application process that have persisted over the years. However, don’t always believe what you hear. Our former admissions officers from Cornell and Johns Hopkins are here to debunk some of the most common myths about college admissions and set the record straight.

About the speakers
Stephen Friedfeld

Stephen is the co-founder and COO of AcceptU. He received a BA from Cornell University, an MA from Columbia University Teachers College, and a Ph.D. from Rice University. Prior to founding AcceptU, Stephen was an Assistant Dean of admissions at Cornell for four years and an Associate Dean of graduate admissions at Princeton University for six years. Stephen is an IECA Associate Member.

Obi Eneh

Obi has a BA in psychology and Asian studies, as well as an MPA, from Clark University. Additionally, Obi received an MA from Columbia University Teachers College, focusing on international educational development. Obi worked as an admissions reader at Johns Hopkins University and an admissions consultant for EducationUSA.