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Thursday, August 11 at 8:00 pm EDT
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About this webinar

Advanced Placement (AP) courses – and their accompanying exams – enable students to demonstrate academic achievement as well as high levels of preparedness to college admissions officers. But how many AP classes should students take? Which APs have the most weight? And the least? What scores and grades do students need to attain? How should families address scheduling conflicts? Join us in this webinar, as we answer these questions and cover all that you need to know about APs.

About the speakers
Jamie Moynihan

Jamie received a BA from University of Mary Washington and an MA in higher education administration from George Mason University. Jamie has a decade of admissions experience at several institutions, including University of California – Berkeley and Loyola University Maryland. He also served as associate director of college counseling at a private high school in Washington, DC. Jamie provides oversight for all undergraduate counseling at AcceptU. He is an IECA Professional Member.

Leslie O'Connor

Leslie is a Senior College Counselor at AcceptU. Leslie has a BA in theater from the University of Southern California and an MA in higher education from Boston College. Leslie worked in the admissions offices at both USC and Babson College for four years; in addition, she served as a college counselor at two independent high schools for more than a decade.