About this webinar

From a college admissions perspective, a strong academic profile alone is not enough to gain admission into highly selective colleges and universities. Applicants must convey to admissions committees a purposeful commitment to involvement and leadership outside the classroom.

AcceptU is excited to share a webinar with University of Wisconsin – Madison Badger Precollege Programs. Badger Precollege offers an array of academic programs for students — from advanced learning programs and STEM classes to music clinics and college readiness conferences. Learn about how these precollege programs can help your child stand out and get a front row seat on an exclusive lecture on Satellite Science and Programming from Professor Alexa Ross.

In this webinar, you and your child will learn:

  • The newest technology surrounding aerospace engineering
  • Which careers are available to students pursuing physics and space science
  • What students can expect to learn & accomplish at UW-Madison’s program
About the speakers
Kyle Cortley

Kyle received a BS from Vanderbilt University and a certificate in college advising from Columbia University. Kyle has more than five years of admissions experience, including at the State University of New York as well as Rice University, where she was an Assistant Director of Admissions and oversaw the BS/MD program with Baylor College of Medicine. Kyle manages a caseload of clients as well as a team of AcceptU counselors. She is an IECA Associate Member.

Alexa Ross

Alexa Ross (she/her/hers) is a researcher at UW – Madison’s Space Science and Engineering Center, or ‘SSEC.’ She received a bachelor’s degree in Physics at Reed College and a master’s degree in Atmospheric Science at UW – Madison. Alexa has previously worked on data analysis and software engineering related to satellite meteorology observations, but she now focuses on satellite training and outreach at SSEC. Alexa has a love for all things earth science. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and adventures with her dog Teddy.

Chris Pevey Harry

Chris Pevey Harry is the Assistant Dean of Badger Precollege at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he oversees K-12 academic enrichment programming for students seeking immersion experiences.

He brings with him extensive experience working in higher education, academic affairs, and student services. Chris previously served as the Director of Summer Session and Special Programs at Northwestern University, where he oversaw Summer Session, The College Preparation Program, The College Bridge Program, International Precollege, Summer Visiting Students, and the Non-Degree Special Students Program.

Before joining Northwestern, Chris was the Senior Academic Affairs Administrator for Boston University’s London Program, based in the UK, where he worked closely with students studying abroad, managed faculty affairs, and worked as a residential director.

Chris holds a B.S degree in Community Education from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and an M.A. in Education Policy and Society from King’s College London. He is currently pursuing his Educational Doctorate in Education Policy, Organization and Leadership at the University of Illinois.