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The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted college admissions in many ways, but perhaps nothing has changed as much as standardized testing. What was once a critical criteria is now no longer required, and it may not be coming back anytime soon – if ever. Join two of AcceptU’s former admissions officers from Rice University and UC Berkeley, as they discuss a current – and, potentially, future – college admissions landscape without standardized testing and dive deeper into questions such as: 

  • What happens if colleges permanently decide to forgo requiring the SAT & ACT?
  • How will admissions officers evaluate applicants differently without standardized testing?
  • If standardized testing is “optional” is it truly optional? And does submitting scores help?
  • How can students stand out on their applications without showcasing high test scores?
About the speakers
Jamie Moynihan

Jamie received a BA from University of Mary Washington and an MA in higher education administration from George Mason University. Jamie has a decade of admissions experience at several institutions, including University of California – Berkeley and Loyola University Maryland. He also served as associate director of college counseling at a private high school in Washington, DC. Jamie provides oversight for all undergraduate counseling at AcceptU. He is an IECA Professional Member.

Kyle Cortley

Kyle received a BS from Vanderbilt University and a certificate in college advising from Columbia University. Kyle has more than five years of admissions experience, including at the State University of New York as well as Rice University, where she was an Assistant Director of Admissions and oversaw the BS/MD program with Baylor College of Medicine. Kyle manages a caseload of clients as well as a team of AcceptU counselors. She is an IECA Associate Member.