About this webinar

Many families assume they earn too much or have too many assets to access financial aid. The reality: families earning six figures receive financial awards and pay less for college. To access this money, you need to understand the rules of the financial aid system and college-specific policies to plan before senior year.

In this one-hour workshop exclusive to AcceptU clients, Paul Martin of College Money Method will provide you with the information you need to:

  • Understand how colleges make financial decisions for families of all backgrounds
  • Evaluate the best financial aid options for your financial situation
  • Take actions now to increase your financial aid awards
About the speakers
Paul Martin

Paul Martin is founder of College Money Method, a financial advisory focused on helping families with college affordability and the financial aid process. A graduate of Harvard and MIT, his passion for this work stems from his own experience going through it alone as a first-generation college student. In addition to working with individual families, Paul partners with high schools to provide education and resources on financial aid and paying for college to students and families of all economic backgrounds. Paul is member of the National College Advocacy Group, a non-profit comprised of financial planners focusing on college access and affordability.