About this webinar

College admissions tests are important. They do more than just help your child get into college.

They can help your child win merit-based scholarships, and a good score never hurt anybody’s college application. It can even be the deciding factor between being granted admission or not.

When we say “college admissions tests,” we’re not just talking SAT® and ACT®. AP® Exams and IB® tests are college admissions tests too! Presented by AcceptU partner, Revolution Prep

About the speakers

Sheila graduated Magna Cum Laude from Princeton University, with a Bachelor’s degree in Romance Languages and Literature. She received a Ph.D in History from New York University. She spent a year abroad taking full advantage of opportunities to learn about European history, art history, and cultural history. From being an IB teacher to an Academic Dean and Assistant Director in an international school environment, Sheila has extensive experience working with students of all ages for more than 20 years.

Sheila is a master at helping students become confident learners, and she believes in each student’s capacity to succeed. By focusing her attention on students’ strengths and opportunities, Sheila motivates students to become active partners in the learning process. She guides students to set goals and maintain their focus to help them achieve their goals. Parents witness not only improved performance, but also an increased level of confidence in their children.