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Hear from former graduate admissions officers as they provide advice on how to be most successful in the graduate admissions process.

Learn how to stand out from other applicants:
Get tips on how to craft, write, and revise your most critical writing sections – the personal statement and your resume.

Improve your chances of getting accepted:
This free workshop will empower you with the inside knowledge and actionable advice needed to improve your chances of admission.

About the speakers

Kristen received a BA from Boston College and an MS from Northeastern University. She has eight years of admissions experience at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she was Associate Director of Admissions and co-founded the MBA program.


Beata has a BS and an MS from the University of Illinois Chicago. She worked in graduate admissions and administration at Columbia University and New York University.


Debby received a BA from Concordia University in Montreal. She has ten years of graduate admissions experience at Stanford University, where she was Director of Admissions. Debby has also worked in graduate administration at The University of Texas at Austin.